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Merging software technologies with health service delivery

Standardize, optimize, and automate tasks to enhance efficiencies for your adult day care center, community based services, with the ADS Desktop Partnership or ADS Web Partnership package. This Partnership will help achieve corporate goals to: reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve the bottom line. Attain state of the art technology for a low monthly cost without the outlay of large capital expenditures for servers, IT staff and software developers.

Successful adult day care centers understand the importance of balancing smart spending with innovation and leadership. The challenge is to change your thinking from “cost” of technology to “cost savings” and “return on investment”. Ask yourself:

Think about how you are using your current technology and staff resources. By streamlining tasks, which reduce costs, you change the economics of technology while building an infrastructure that delivers lower costs and supports growth now and into the future. By focusing your investments and transforming your technology, you can gain efficiencies and drive down costs.